L.A. – My Trip to the City of Angels

I was asked, from a dear friend of mine, to join him on a work-trip to Los Angeles..needless to say, I was pumped and agreed without a second thought!

One week later, lil Tammy was up in the air on the way to L.A. with one of my favorite airlines British Airways. What shall I say, I just love the Brits.

You can get a little taste of my love for the british empire on the London Blog I posted. 

It was a perfect flight, I started in Vienna in the evening and landed in the afternoon at LAX, with a stop in London to change flights.
As I am a very suspicious looking person, I was lucky enough to get a thorough pat-down from the nice officers at the London Heathrow airport before I was able to board the plane to L.A., totally fine with me, everyone needs a pat-down now and then.
After it was clear to them, that I wasn´t a threat to anyone, not even to my little demon sisters, they let me board.

I am not a good sleeper, if I don´t fully lay down, so I literally watched a ton of movies and was in and out of sleep all the time, too excited to sleep anyways.

It was time and we landed. I am not gonna lie, never been to LAX before, but I imagined this airport to be much more impressive than it was (no offense here).

First things first – I got a coffee and grabbed a taxi, which turned out to be quite an interesting ride – let me tell you why:

I had a very nice conversation with the driver, till we reached the point of him constantly asking me why I am not married (need to add at this point that he was quite a religious man). As the feminist I am, I don´t believe in the “fact” that a woman is just a “worthy” woman when married … duuuhh – 2018 guys.
Bless this guy, I really liked him till that point.

Long story short: I am a woman that should find a man and get married to have a fullfilled life and if I don´t find a guy he will introduce me to his son.

Well, what a dream, just 30 minutes in the US and already engaged – who needs Tinder? Just grab a cap in L.A.


I had the pleasure of staying at the wonderful W Hollywood Hotel, super fancy and a perfect spot in the middle of Hollywood.

You see that painting in the middle of those three? It´s a portrait of the artist, I am afraid, I do not remember her name, but I did fall in love with it at first sight – the importance to this “unnecessary” information will be clear down the line, as I had a weird encounter, which included that painting.

As I arrived, my friend was already waiting in the lobby with another person I have never met before. So we sat down and had a few drinks. At this point it is around 6 pm and I am incredibly tired, but was heading to the room to get fresh and ready for dinner.

We headed to a very nice and super fancy japanese restaurant named Katsuya, which was just around the corner of the W hotel and we met up with some more friends (strangers for me).
Little unnecessary info right there: one of them was the grandson of Walt Disney. So I had my first REAL L.A. experience right there, sitting next to me at dinner.

Jetlag hit me and I went straight to bed.


As L.A. is not really famous for its public transport (literally none, besides busses) I had to rent a car.
My friend was working a lot, but the previous night I met a wonderful young lady, named Kaileen (an American), which I spend my next days with.

We rented a car, I had my first Starbucks Drive-Thru experience (still bummed we don´t have that here in Europe) and we made our way to Long Beach, CA, to meet up with one of my friends from Texas, who happend to be in L.A..

We spent a lovely day and evening in Long Beach, went to Gladstones at the pier, where I didn´t have to pay for my vanilla ice-cream, still don´t know why. You should totally visit them, maybe thats just a thing they do 🙂




Overall it was an amazing day, but as Kaileen and I had plans to attend Jazz-Night at the W Hotel, we had to leave right after sunset, back to Hollywood.

Jazz-Night is every sunday in the Lobby of the W Hollywood Hotel, you should totally pay it a visit if you are around.

And thats also were the painting story happend, it´s short but still a bit strange.
I got offered the painting in the picture above (which is worth 15k), if I make-out with a girl…..ehm, yes, wealthy people have weird ideas sometimes.
Wrapped, packed and shipped to my home in Vienna, if I would kiss a girl…jap (didn´t like that picture that much in the end) – neadless to say, I didn`t do it.
I still wonder how I attract situations like that all the time though,…oh well.


This one is obvious, who comes to L.A. and doesn´t pay a visit to the Universal Studios?

The Harry Potter geek in me was pumped.





My inner 12-year-old was as happy as can be.


Next day we headed to Melrose Avenue, with a Strawberry-Iced-Greentea in my hands, to go to an amazing jewelery store – Nialaya.

Their jewelery is incredible, as the delivery to Europe costs as much as the product itself, it is a MUST VISIT in Los Angeles. Got myself some nice rings and a necklace.

After an exhausting shopping spree (my friend is a shopaholic), we got some amazing lunch at 208 Rodeo, Beverly Hills, right up the stairs at Wilshire Blvd, at the corner to Rodeo Drive. Delicious food, incredible desserts and pretty hot waiters I gotta say.


We weren´t super lucky with the weather, as it was pretty cloudy and chilly, but who is complaining.

Overall, my L.A. Trip was fantastic, the jet-lag was hard on me though, I had to had some naps here and there to balance it out – getting old, what shall say.

I did have a lot of fun, met incredible people and made new friends, in fact, everybody I met in L.A. I will meet over here in Europe soon.

Los Angeles is now on my Top-3-List of favorite places in the world.


It was time to fly back home after an amazing, but short, 6 days of fun in L.A.

“Perhaps travel cannot prevent bigotry, but by demonstrating that all peoples cry, laugh, eat, worry, and die, it can introduce the idea that if we try and understand each other, we may even become friends.” – Maya Angelou

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