About me

Hi, I´m Tammy, currently living in Vienna and I am a young woman living its life to the fullest, always searching for the next adventure and the defenition of happiness. Here are some facts about me:

I forget where I parked my car on a daily bases and my bankcard-pin vanishes from my brain every week.
I have bruises all over my body at all times and never know where they are from.

Some call me a dreamer, some call me an introvert, some say I am an outrovert (I´m actually both), some might say I am a bit too loud, too energetic or even crazy.
Well, all of that applies really, but I am also a very sensitive person with a big desire of recognition.
When I watch world news, I normally cry, as all the suffering, wars and evil things happening on this planet make me ashamed of the human race.
I am not a girly girl, I like to get pretty and dolled up once in a while, but my general style is relaxed, afterwork-chic, bohemian, comfortable and useful I would say?

Summer is my time, I don´t like to be cold, nor do I like to interact with snow, so – total summergirl.

Sport is my other passion (next to travelling) and my favorite kinds are “gamesports”, everything were you do not really realise that you are doing sport.

I love animals, although I am allergic against all of them (animal-hair-allergy) – big joke of the universe if you ask me.

I am afraid of nearly everything

Sharks (very irrational, never met one, never got hurt by one – everyone not afraid of them is a fool in my eyes though), hights, darkness, Horrormovies, dying, being kidnapped, getting a disease,….its a long list you guys.
Big fan of nature, but everything that crawls, flies or wriggles scares the hell out of me.

Don´t like weird textured food – gives me goosebumps.

I do not eat pork, but love bacon – a paradoxon, I know —-Would say I am one as a whole.

That was a brief and, as I think, good overlook about my persona 🙂

I created this Blog to share my adventures, my travelling, lifestyle-tips, ticks, life-facts, my thoughts (realtalk) and also some of my craziest and funniest stories I have to tell, from horrific dates to disastrous holidays.

I am not here to portrait a perfect life, I am here to talk about my experiences and all the lessons I have learnt and will learn – Lets keep it real, we all have issues to face, tough and also amazing times we go through and I am going to share mine with you.
Follow my steps on my way to find out who I am.

“people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou